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NNEGC «Energoatom»

The state enterprise "National atomic power generating company" Energoatom" was established in October 1996. The company is the operator of all active nuclear power plants of Ukraine. Its main purpose is to increase the production of electricity and the utilization rate of the installed capacity of the NPP provided that the level of safety of the operation is constantly increased.

State Enterprize «Eastern Mining and Processing Complex»

The Eastern Mining and Processing Plant is one of the 28 uranium-mining centers in the world, among which it is in the top ten, and is also the largest in Europe. The Eastern Mining and Processing Plant is the only enterprise in Ukraine that provides extraction of natural uranium and production of its oxide concentrate.

PJSC «SRPA «Impulse»

The main areas of activity are the development, production and implementation of software and hardware complexes for automated control systems for various industries: nuclear and thermal energy, chemistry, petrochemicals, metallurgical, gas and others.

RPC «Radiy»

Today Research and Production Company «Radiy» is the leading developer and supplier of software and hardware complexes for the systems for safe operation of nuclear power plants in Ukraine. During its activity, the specialists of the company developed unique technologies that have no analogues in world practice, which is recognized by a number of international expert organizations.

PJSC «Pivdenteploenergomontazh»

The history of the company is inextricably linked with the history of the development of the energy sector of the Soviet Union. Over the past 85 years of work, the company has come a long way to develop - ndash; from the installation of boilers, steam engines, turbines, technological equipment of small industrial enterprises to the installation of equipment for TPPs with turbogenerators with a capacity of 800 MW, steam generators - 2650 tons of steam per hour, installation of nuclear power plants with reactors and turbine generators with a capacity of 440 and 1000 MW.

ENCONET Consulting G.m.b.H

ENCONET Consulting Ges.mbH - a consulting company based in Vienna, which has been operating in the European market for management and engineering services since 1994. The consulting services provided by the company cover the areas of analysis, design, construction, operation, management, maintenance and technical support of nuclear installations and other integrated industrial plants.

The EU funded project to support the management of the Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation (INSC) in Ukraine, also known as the Joint Support Office (JSO) of the European Commission at Kyiv, is operated by ENCO. The primary goal of the JSO is to support the promotion of an effective safety culture in Ukraine in line with the principles of the IAEA Convention on Nuclear Safety and in compliance with the provisions of the EURATOM Treaty.

Association «Nuclear Insurance Pool»

Insurers Association «Nuclear Insurance Pool» was established in 2003 to fulfill the international obligations of Ukraine in Vienna (1963) the Convention on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage. The Statute on the Pool is approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 23 June 2003 N 953. The main task of the Pool is to organize and co-ordinate the insurance and reinsurance of Ukrainian nuclear risks, the risks of transit of nuclear material through the territory of Ukraine, and the acceptance of reinsurance risks of foreign nuclear operators. Civil liability insurance for nuclear operators is a prerequisite for the implementation of a range of international nuclear energy projects in the country, including & ndash; construction of a new sarcophagus at the ChNPP.

JSC Kharkіv Institute «Energoproekt»

JSC Kharkov Scientific Research & Design Institute "Energoproekt" was founded in 1932 as a trusted project department of the "Ukrenergobud", which joined the All-Union specialized project trust "Teploelektroproekt". Since its inception, the main specialization of the Institute has been the design of power plants, substations and electrical networks.

«SPE Monolit Energy» Ltd

Development and supply of software and mathematical, technical and other types of information and control systems, software and hardware complexes, technical means of automation, their constituent parts and subsystems of various purposes (hereinafter referred to as the PRODUCTS) for complex automation of objects of industry, atomic, thermal and hydroelectric power stations. Conducting commissioning, commissioning of the PRODUCTION. SERVICE OF THE PRODUCTS, including warranty service, author's supervision, engineering support, (hereinafter referred to as service). Development of software for different purposes according to customer data. Carrying out theoretical and applied research in the field of automation.

JSC «Turboatom»

JSC "Turboatom" - one of the largest turbine-building enterprises in the world. Specializes in the production of steam turbines for thermal and nuclear power plants, hydraulic turbines for hydroelectric power stations and hydroelectric power stations, gas turbines for thermal power stations. Carries out the full cycle of production: designing, manufacturing, supplying, debugging and servicing of turbine equipment for all types of power plants.

JSC NT-Engineering

Joint-Stock Company "NT-Engineering" was founded in 2010. The main activities of NT-Engineering are radioactive waste management, engineering in the field of nuclear energy, as well as nuclear and radiation safety. NT-Engineering is one of the leading private companies in Ukraine in the field of radioactive waste management. In the engineering field of the nuclear energy sphere, NT-Engineering focuses on innovative technologies that increase the efficiency of nuclear generating capacity, ensuring a high level of its safety. The effectiveness of NT-Engineering is also ensured by the presence in its affiliated organizations of two research institutes - "Chornobyl Research and Development Institute" and "Nuclear Energy Innovations Institute", which are engaged in research and scientific-practical activities in relevant fields. In addition, the subsidiary NT-Exploration provides a full range of services for hazardous waste management, from detection and inspection of hazardous substances, to their removal, transportation and disposal.

Associate members

State Concern «Nuclear Fuel»

The main purpose of the Concern's activities is to: improve the structure of nuclear industry management in Ukraine; development of its participating companies; increase in uranium production; promotion of the development of zirconium production to ensure the receipt of pipe rolling; expansion of markets for ion-exchange resins; creation of nuclear fuel production in Ukraine; conducting investment, financial and foreign economic activity.

Corporation «Ukrainian Atom Instruments and Systems»

The strategic goal of the corporation is a comprehensive arrangement of industrial enterprises and organizations, covering the full cycle of work from the beginning of designing to technical support in the process of exploitation. Creation of complex equipment performing the following functions: radiation, dosimetry and radioecological monitoring and monitoring, as well as detection and identification of nuclear and radioactive materials; safe handling of radioactive wastes, provision of physical protection and radiation safety of radioactive waste management facilities, control over the parameters of the technological environment of industrial enterprises; environmental monitoring and monitoring of industrial enterprises and territories in the zone of their influence; modernization and creation of thermal power plants on the basis of coherent technologies. And also, the creation of automated security and surveillance systems.

PRE «Atom Komplex Prylad»

Research and Production Enterprise «Atom Komplex Prylad» created in 1991. The enterprise carries out a full complex of works on creation and introduction of systems of radiation monitoring and monitoring, guarantee and post-warranty service, methodological and metrological support, personnel training, development of measuring methods and preparation of samples. The enterprise has a production base, a design bureau, a radioisotope laboratory. An enterprise has an accredited laboratory specializing in certification of radiation safety indicators for products intended for use in nuclear energy. The enterprise carries out delivery of equipment for radiation monitoring of IAEA programs, participates in projects of the European Commission, is a representative of foreign firms in Ukraine, has experience of participation in state and European tenders, certification of devices and techniques, is a corporate supplier of NAEK «Energoatom».

PJSC «Kyiv Central Design Bureau of Valves»

PJSC "Kiev Central Design Bureau of Valves" is a machine building company, specialized in development and manufacture of the valves and hydro pneumatic aggregates for the nuclear and thermal power stations, oil-and-gas, chemical industry, aerospace complex, etc. Modern engineering center, high quality production facilities and own testing base enables the Company to operate under the closed-loop cycle from customer technical assignment to "design-manufacturing -testing -delivery to the customer-maintaining and servicing" of the products within the shortest period of time.

 The main areas of activity of the enterprise are: development and production of pipeline valves necessary for safety systems for the operation of nuclear power plants; development and production of small-sized pneumatic aggregates for various systems of space and aviation engineering; development and production of pipeline valves for CHP, enterprises of oil, gas and chemical industry, systems of main and local water supply, ventilation systems.


Joint-Stock Company «KYIV RESEARCH AND DESIGN INSTITUTE «ENERGOPROJECT» has been occupying a leading position in Ukraine in projects development and implementation in the fields of nuclear, thermal and unconventional energy, as well as in the field of civil engineering. In 2018 KIEP turned 85. KIEP develops and applies modern technology in the field of nuclear power plant engineering and in some other related fields having to do with NPP and TPP operational activity. The organization provides a full range of services and can design power plants, construct them, put power units into operation, and give assistance in operating a running power plant. Treating and storing spent nuclear fuel is another area of great importance that the institute dedicates much of its research activity to. The known Ukrainian projects ISF-1 and ISF-2 have been implemented with KIEP’s direct participation. Another project of national standing - CISF (central interim storage facility) - has been implemented with a view to solving the problem of nuclear waste from the Ukrainian NPPs.


Development, manufacturing, supply and maintenance of electronic equipment for control systems of nuclear and thermal power stations


The State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (SSTC NRS) was established by Cabinet Resolution No. 52 of 3 February 1992 to provide comprehensive scientific and technical support for state regulation of nuclear and radiation safety with the objective of protecting the public and the environment against man-induced radiological impacts. The SSTC NRS started its activities on 19 March 1992 after state registration at local executive bodies. According to Cabinet Resolution No. 354-r of 9 August 2001, the SSTC NRS is subordinated to the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine. The SSTC NRS is currently a leading specialized organization in Ukraine by its status, areas of focus, software and hardware, skills, and personnel and provides scientific, analytical, technical, informational, methodological, engineering, consultative, and expert support to activities of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine.